The mini encyclopedia on tooth decay treatment that you need to know

tooth decay treatment in Saudi Arabia

Recall When somebody tells you to smile on the camera, but you have a front tooth cavity. Or when you ate an apple but your tooth hurt due to the hardness. Or when somebody offered you cold water, your teeth froze in pain. When you eat something too spicy, your gums start to feel tingling. Yes, we think you, we see you, we hear you. We have encountered many patients with such issues & that is why we are here to give you remedies for your pain. Here in Saudi Arabia

To understand something, we need to go into its root cause.

Eating too many sugary and starchy foods creates plaque. Dental plaque is that white sticky layer over your teeth. One requires extra concentration while brushing teeth that consuming sugary, starchy food. When a patient leaves it unbothered, bacteria eat it, forming plaque. Plaque causes dental problems. The bacteria slowly start to wear and tear the teeth. Over the period, it gets deeper and deeper, leading to cavities forming. Back teeth, called molars and premolars, can easily trap food and are more susceptible to cavities than the front ones. Beware and take precautions while having certain foods. These include honey, sugar, soda, dried fruit, cake, cookies, hard candy, mints, dry cereal, and chips. However, foods easily washed by saliva are less likely to cause decay.

Other reasons why you might be having tooth decay

Not brushing teeth or brushing carelessly: Brush your teeth twice a day, and if you are eating any sticky foods or food that gets stuck in your mouth, brush it soon after the meal. Use toothpaste containing fluoride while brushing. Flouride helps remove bacteria that get stuck between the teeth.

Not enough spit in the mouth: Spit helps in killing bacteria. Medicines, sicknesses, radiation therapy, or specific chemotherapy can decrease spit in the mouth. Drink a lot of water to retain spit.

Old dental fillings: If you notice that your fillings have become old and see plaque, contact your dentist immediately. Or you might have to spend even more on cavity treatments.

Other diseases that may lead to dental problems: Heartburns that make acid from your stomach come into the mouth, eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia

What can you have to prevent dental decay?

Licorice root tea
Licorice is said to kill bacteria & prevent tooth decay. Having it twice a day can positively impact your well-being & teeth.

Include calcium in your diet to have strong teeth .Opt for foods like yogurt and leafy green vegetables to increase tooth strength.

Vitamin D3 & Vitam K2
Vitamin D 3 helps move calcium from your blood to your teeth. When you don’t have enough of it, your teeth become weaker . Consume fish such as Salmon, tuna & Sardines. Vitamin K2 also helps similarly. One can choose leafy greens & chicken breasts or other meats.

Oil pulling
Swish coconut or any other oil in your mouth for several minutes daily. It will help kill inflammation which aids in destroying bacteria in your mouth.

Visit the Dentist
It is best to check your teeth with a dentist. One cavity leads to many others. Sometimes patients don’t even know they have specific issues. It is better to have it checked early on. Patients regret paying vast sums of money later.

The abovementioned remedies and solutions primarily benefit the early stages. We cannot guarantee it will aid you if you have severe pain.

We at Denta Derma believe every patient is unique, and each dental problem requires a customized approach. To know more, visit our website for the best-customized solutions for your teeth!