Our Center

The first Boutique dental dermal Center in the Kingdom of Bahrain, located in the cosmopolitan district of the heart of the Kingdom. With a lavish design that reflects the identity of the Center, you will notice the eye of detail and the touch of art.

The warm colors of the center give you a sense of comfort and welcoming. The luxurious feel and highest standards of hygiene will allow you to relax and indulge yourself in a scenic panoramic view of our specialized treatment rooms. Enjoy a Porsche design experience. Our competitive edge lies in the state of the art technology of digital medicine combined with our artistic influence. Our team pride themselves to our patient care and attention to detail, providing excellent customer Service and high quality treatments, emphasizing on creating a long term relationship with our special patients.

We welcome our patients with a smile and we make sure they leave us with a brighter one.

You are not at your usual medical center, you are at the most exclusive boutique center in Bahrain

We can guarantee that all our treatments are digitized and this guarantees a better quality and accuracy in the work we deliver, or upscales the quality of the services we deliver to represent perfection.

  1. Our Natural Veneers that are customized for you especially in a way it suits your personality and your features
  2. Our Single Visit Dentistry with our Cerec German Machine
  3. Invisalign and being one of the top providers in the region