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The best dentists are fearless in sharing the truth as they constantly update themselves, are confident of their skills, know the quality of services they offer, and are open to renovation! Denta Derma is one such in Bahrain. We provide exclusive treatment from our experienced dental doctor artistic dentists and friendly staff. Enter the unique atmosphere of tech-savvy dental appliances and multilingual patient care that guarantee the success of treatments!

Complex restorative and rehabilitative cases involve patients with multiple missing, damaged, or compromised teeth and significant functional and esthetic concerns comprehensive dental treatment planning is essential so that the cure of one tooth or removal of one tooth may not affect the other. In cases where multiple parts are affected, complex issues evolve and are broken down into small simpler ones when experts from each field are on it. It follows a sequencing of a treatment regimen. Logical and systematic therapy sequencing is part of comprehensive treatment planning. It ensures that every therapy stage builds on the one before it and lays the groundwork for the ones after. For instance, orthodontic treatment may come before restorative or prosthetic procedures, and periodontal therapy may be required before implant insertion. For example, periodontal therapy may be necessary before implant placement or orthodontic treatment may precede restorative or prosthetic procedures.

Questions you can ask your doctor or things you need to check with your dentist

• Whether they address the root cause of dental conditions, these include identifying and managing oral issues. It also covers verbal hygiene instructions, dietary counseling, preventive treatments, and regular oral health monitoring.
• Whether they rely on evidence-based approaches, use the latest technology, or conduct accurate diagnoses to avoid painful and lengthy dental procedures.
• Whether they conduct follow-ups post-treatment to ensure long-term success
• Whether they use intraoral scanners or 3D printing is to get an accurate framework.
• Whether they use a holistic approach includes checking and maintaining the patient’s oral health, functional needs, esthetic goals, and overall well-being.
• Whether they use comprehensive occlusion (contact of the upper and lower jaw) to ensure long-term success for fillings, crowns, bridges, and veneers
• Occlusal adjustments may be necessary to ensure harmonious biting and chewing function, prevent excessive force on restorations, and minimize the risk of occlusal trauma.
• Whether they communicate and educate patients about their oral health effectively. These also ensure harmonious biting and chewing function, prevent excessive force on restorations, and minimize the risk of occlusal trauma.
• Whether esthetic factors like tooth shape, color, and proportion are taken into consideration
• Lastly, whether their patient-centered approach promotes trust, satisfaction, and increased confidence in the dental team.

We hope you gained insights and know what to look for when you consult your dentist regarding minor or major issues! Smile, as now you know how to identify a good dentist. While you smile, check for any problems with your teeth; if there are, schedule an appointment with Denta derma immediately!